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At the beginning of the third season, Ted, while drunk, gets a butterfly tattoo on his lower back (his "tramp stamp"). He reaches a low point in his personal life in Season 7 and confides in Robin that he is beginning to believe he will never find "The One". He gives her a call and invites her to MacLaren's. After an awkward date where Ted professed his love for Robin (Pilot), she decided it would be better if the two stayed friends instead (Purple Giraffe​). She is also a people… More . The season also contains a number of flashforward scenes depicting Ted's life with the Mother, including their first date, the day he proposed and the birth of their second child. She later breaks up with him because she found pornography spam email, but Ted ill advisedly decides to win her back. The series' final season revolves around the weekend of Barney and Robin's wedding, during which Ted wrestles with his feelings for Robin. The main character on HIMYM. The detailed story seems to be his way of telling the kids how much Robin has meant to him over the years. When the gang is preparing for a hurricane he mentions he was a former Boy Scout in the episode Disaster Averted. In the end, however, Ted chooses the building over her, and they break up. Because Ted loves love. Ted is prone to questionable romantic gestures; in the pilot episode, for example, he steals a blue French horn (nicknamed "The Smurf Penis") that was a topic of conversation in his first date with Robin, and then scares Robin off by telling her he is in love with her. After being left at the altar, Ted has trouble getting back into the dating world, and his job becomes a source of trouble as well. Luke and Penny are Ted's two children with Tracy. Once he gets near the church, he sees flashbacks of Victoria, and drives past the church, where Ted and Victoria hold hands and drive off into the sunset. Although they are friends, Ted took Marshall's side and held a grudge against Lily, calling her names after she leaves Marshall to go to San Francisco. Marshall then goes to Robin, and tells her that she has to move out, which she does. (Why are we quoting Terry from Brooklyn Nine-Nine?) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [9] He and Marshall were randomly assigned as freshman-year roommates at Wesleyan, and became best friends on a long, ill-fated road trip. He tries to suppress this as she is a married woman, until it eventually comes to light that not only does Zoey love Ted too, but she is divorcing The Captain, and so they begin an unsteady relationship as they are constantly arguing about various topics, including Zoey's beloved Arcadian. Her deeper feelings for Ted cause a brief estrangemnt from the group on realisation she cant be around Ted and Tracy. They begin dating, and at the end of "Miracles" Ted proposes to her. [33] They break up after Ted kisses Robin. Ted immediately realizes he doesn't love her at all, but can't bring himself to end the relationship so easily after finally finding the slutty pumpkin girl. In the third season premiere, "Wait for It", Ted's children already know the "short version" of the story of how he met their mother, and that it was an incident involving her yellow umbrella. Quinn is very insightful and observant and has a knack for anticipating how someone will behave. She finds out that Barney actually was proposing to her, and he does. For a time, he dates a baker named Victoria, whom he met at a friend's wedding. Take this … In a deleted scene it is confirmed that they rekindled their relationship. Ted calls Barney his brother. Ted makes a long-awaited apology for cheating on her, which Victoria accepts though she is no longer angry. Zoey and Ted started off as enemies, as she was against the tearing down of The Arcadian, but they later became friends. The life of his dreams. If you are the hopeless romantic type, then you might be a Ted. Ted's mother and her boyfriend announce to Ted that they're getting married, and subsequently do so. At the end of the season finale, they convince Ted to go after Robin. Ted reveals to Lily, Barney, and then Robin that he is moving to Chicago. However, Ted found her and they started dating. Ted graduated from Wesleyan with Marshall in 2000 as implied in the episode How I Met Everyone Else​​. [35] Ultimately, however, they break up again after Victoria insists that Ted end his friendship with Robin. After nearly a year together, they break up, and Ted no longer sees Robin as "The One," but doesn't reveal the identity of his future wife. He loves collecting coins (The Scorpion and the Toad, Lucky Penny), solving crosswords, and enjoys going to Renaissance fairs. Ted in the back of her mind. Some clues given are that Ted's future wife is a college student studying economics, as she was in the classroom on Ted's first day as a professor, where he initially went to the wrong room and started teaching Architecture 101 to what, actually, was Economics 305. For several years they lived with Marshall in the same apartment. The family of his dreams. [6] Barney is Ted's self-appointed "wingman", and they spend time together meeting girls. He asks her if she loves him and she says no. Ted thinks he can do that, but realizes he can't and breaks up with Victoria. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Josh Radnor is Ted Mosby. Though Ted finally lets go of Robin on the day of her wedding to Barney (having made peace with her and Barney getting married in the present), it is revealed in the series' finale that she and Barney got divorced. Ted never quite gets over Robin, however. Personality… kind, passionate, hopeful, and a little dorky. Future Ted is voiced by Bob Saget. Ted Mosby. Today Josh Radnor is synonymous with Ted Mosby; in fact, for an entire generation of viewers, Josh will never be anything more than Ted. She finds Barney's playbook in his apartment, and goes on a rampage, burning the playbook along with many of Ted's possessions, including the Red Cowboy Boots. Ted has annoying flaws like correcting grammar and he is whiny as well. Remember Ted Mosby from HIMYM (How I Meet Your Mother) tv series? Ted Mosby Personality Statistics Ted Mosby is a character from How I Met Your Mother. In the beginning of Season 7, Ted runs into Victoria at the Architects Ball. related entries: Barney Stinson How I Met Your Mother; Marshall Eriksen How I Met Your Mother; Robin Scherbatsky How I Met Your Mother; Lily Aldrin How I Met Your Mother Theodore Evelyn Mosby[1] is a fictional character and the protagonist in the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Josh Radnor. They encourage Ted to ask out Robin, because their mom has been gone for six years now. Ted's children encourage him to date Robin, and he brings the Blue French Horn he stole for her on their first date to her apartment. In Ten Sessions, they reveal Stella as the doctor, and after the tattoo is removed, Ted takes her on a two-minute date. Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor) Personality traits: Hopeless romantic, intelligent (if not somewhat pretentious), a bit nerdy, and the token “dad” of the group. Barney hits on girls. In the end all we can do is promise to love each other with everything we've got. Two of Ted's favorite movies, Annie Hall and Star Wars, came out in the same year (1977). Or at least he doesn't speak it very well. That’s true even if she’s an ex, like Robin: “Sometimes love means taking a step back. Created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, the show is presented from the perspective of Ted Mosby in 2030 ("Future Ted") as he tells his children how he met the titular mother.The show lasted for nine seasons and 208 episodes; the finale first aired on March 31, 2014. [27] Eventually Ted gives the apartment back to Marshall and Lily and moves into the apartment Barney's girlfriend Quinn (Becki Newton) used to live in. They meet at a wedding and fall in love. There's nothing wrong with this attitude, but in retrospect, much of Ted Mosby's behavior towards women makes him a jerk, not romantic. She has it and over nights it to Ted. Function Stacking: Introverted Intuition (Ni), Extroverted Feeling (Fe), Introverted Thinking (Ti), Extroverted Sensing (Se) Though Ted can appear extroverted at times, his main function is definitely introverted intuition. A year later Ted takes her back to the Farhampton Inn and proposes. Robin tells him that she does not want to mess up their friendship. In several instances his imagination gets the better of him; at different times he believed Robin, Ted is a die hard Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers, and Browns fan. She is fiercely protective of Ted, and even goes so far as to break him up with women she does not believe are right for him - including Robin.[31]. He ran unsuccessfully for treasurer in high school. Ted eventually chooses his career over her when he lets The Arcadian to be demolished and they break up. He has strong feelings for her, even though she is already married and is leading a campaign to preserve the building that Ted's company, GNB, plans to knock down to make way for the skyscraper that Ted has always wanted to design. Ted also tells overly-detailed if not long stories and other trivia on highbrow topics much to the dismay of a lot of people, including his children. [44] He attempts to remedy this by starting his own firm, Mosbius Designs, but it is largely unsuccessful. When Robin breaks up with Kevin, Ted tells Robin that he really loves her. This has led to Ted believing that most of the women he has had relationships with could be "The One" and this has also led to many failed relationships, perhaps his most notable one being with Robin. The two sleep together and start dating again thereafter. Ted is the central character of the show. However, in the next episode, it is revealed that Ted was in the wrong classroom on his first day, and that he was standing in front of a group of Economics students. At the beginning of Season 4, she tells Ted she will marry him. Ted, the central character of the show, is from Shaker Heights, Ohio, and is a Wesleyan University graduate and an architect who, according to Barney, thinks too much. Ted just happened to be in the right place, at the right time and with the right girl after a … It's five years later and they are standing on the roof where they kissed each other for the first time. There is a possibility that Ted also continued his education as an architect somewhere in New York City possibly Columbia University. This later comes back to bite him, as she later destroys Ted's room. Robin shows up at the wedding. ... October 5, 2016 wandering words . Although Marshall is Ted's best friend Barney calls Ted his best friend. It is home to thousands of real and fictional personality profiles for you to type, discuss and view. Before he was awarded the part, Josh had only appeared on a few TV shows, and the producers originally wanted a more seasoned actor to play the role of Ted. “None of us can vow to be perfect. Quizzes . He's something of a rennaissance man, having intricate knowledge of art, history and philosophy. She accepts but later Ted tells her that Barney is proposing to Patrice. My Own Conspiracy Theory . Ted often goes to Barney when he's single instead of Marshall due to Marshall being married. Ted can be easily described as a hopeless romantic, being a strong believer in destiny and constantly searches for his soul mate believing that fate will eventually cause their meeting. Are you the romantic at heart, Ted Mosby? Yet despite all these facts, Ted's solution was to start going out with her. A few weeks later, he bumps into her and she tells him that she wants to get back together with him. [30] Ted is also there for the birth of Barney's daughter in 2020. Moments before the wedding, Robin has cold feet and tells him that she should be marrying him instead of Barney. Ted invites Stella's ex-boyfriend Tony (the father of her daughter) to his wedding, which unbeknownst to him, causes Stella and her ex's feelings to reemerge for each other, resulting in Stella leaving Ted at the altar. When his best friend Marshall gets engaged, and he realizes his life is moving slow, Ted decides to stop being single and pursue the one. Ted Mosby is, above everything, a romantic. Stella was Ted's dermatologist who removed Ted's butterfly tattoo during Season 3. Despite the kiss, Victoria realizes she wants to be with her boyfriend, Klaus, and leaves to meet him for a trip in the Hamptons. He describes himself as "half Jewish" in the episode Natural History. She didn't tell him her full name or give him any significant details about her, since she didn't hook up with any guys on wedding. Another example of Ted's short-sightedness when it comes to relationships would be his relationship with Zoey, who was protesting the destruction of a building to make way for Ted's first major architecture achievement. Zoey is another of Ted's ex-girlfriends. He thinks his old room became a sex temple as mentioned in, He maybe had a collection of Jedi Knights when he was a kid, mentioned in, It has been shown on a few occasions that Ted has trouble remembering names, for example, forgetting the name of. Robin eventually moved in with Ted (Not a Father's Day​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​). [37] They get engaged after Ted has a near-death experience and realizes he loves her. Ted later calls her, and she runs away from her wedding to meet him, and they start dating again. This story was told in Arrivederci, Fiero​​​. Ted's character is based largely on the show's creator, Carter Bays, with the friendship between him and fellow creator Craig Thomas being the base for the friendship between Ted and Marshall. [16] He also has a fondness for high culture such as classical literature and philosophy, and has a tendency to become boring and pretentious when discussing it.[17]. The Personality Database is a user-driven, social community based on popular typing methods as the Four Letter Personality types, Enneagream, Socionics, Temperaments and other Personality Systems. [6] He meets and falls for Robin, but their mutual attraction is hampered by Robin's insistence that she doesn't want to get married or have children, so they agree to just be friends. T-Dog, T-Mose, Teddy Westside, Schmosby, Prof. Brosby. Future Ted reveals in a flashback that "the mother" played bass guitar in the wedding band that performed at Barney and Robin's wedding. Victoria wants Ted to takes things more seriously, in the fall of 2012. They make a deal, if both of them are still single at 40, they would get married. She is surprised to learn that Ted does not find it strange that he, Robin, and Barney hang out every night, despite the fact that both Ted and Barney dated and broke up with Robin. She says yes. 4. At the beginning of the third season, an inebriated Ted gets a tattoo on his lower back (his "tramp stamp"). In 2030, Ted sat down to tell his kids the story of "How I Met Your Mother". In May 2016, Ted and his fiancé invite Barney, Robin, Marshall and Lily over. Ted and his wife are shown in a flashforward standing outside a movie theater advertising The Wedding Bride III during the episode "No Pressure", although the wife's face is not shown nor is her identity revealed. Home . Our Story . Throughout the series, Future Ted always uses past tense when referring to The Mother. 3. It is later revealed that Jeanette caused this meeting by setting a fire in the lobby. In the first season episode "Belly Full of Turkey", Future Ted jokes to his kids that a stripper he meets named Tracy is the mother (the mother's first name also turned out to be Tracy in the finale). He does not speak Spanish. [47] However, Robin does not reciprocate his feelings and moves out. However, she leaves Ted at the altar and runs off with her ex-boyfriend and the father of Lucy, Tony Grafanello. Upon the conclusion of his story, his children tell him that it barely contained any mention of their mother and was more focused on Robin, who divorced Barney after a brief marriage. Robin decides to marry Barney. Robin develops deeper feelings for Ted and forms an extremely close bond with his children who love her in turn, Ted's wife dies and Ted's kids give him permission to be together with Robin pointing out how obvious their feelings for each other are when she comes to hang out with them. After witnessing the love lives of his friends Marshall andLily, he's developed a yearning for a loving relationship and hopes to one day settle down with a wife and kids, making him the "old man" of the gang. They would both reciprocate their feelings 8 months after they met and Ted and Robin got together. Ted doesn't find it so he calls Victoria. [39] Zoey is portrayed by Jennifer Morrison. He also reveals that the mother of his children is in that classroom. After taking her on a two-minute date, they start dating. Ted Mosby’s entire character is just sitting on a windy beach at dusk staring at the ocean’s waves, where his date never met him. He and Robin ultimately reconcile, and shortly after that, Ted makes one last attempt to win her, hiring a chamber orchestra with blue instruments to play in her apartment while he makes his appeal. Once he returns to the room of the party the morning after, he picks up a yellow umbrella which can be seen blowing in the wind in the season promo. Naomi confesses that she found their relationship as awkward as Ted did, but also didn't want to end it after waiting so long to meet him and that she tried to force him to break up with her by acting strangely. — Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother, How I Met Your Mother Season 8: The Final Page Tagged: ass , Self-deprecation , Revenge , Expert “You see, kids, right from the moment I met your mom I knew, I have to love this woman as much as I can, and as long as I can, and I can never stop loving her, not even for a … He was one of the few guys I've ever dated who was willing to wait awhile before we got too physical. Although things didn't go the way Ted wanted them to in the episode, he ended up not having to leave New York City. Ted calls Stella and she says it could be in her storage unit in Los Angeles. Browse through and take ted mosby x reader quizzes. His profession was later changed to be an architect, due to the writers having difficulties fitting his profession as an archaeologist in a New York setting. (No Pressure). BuzzFeed Quiz Party! Ted says I don't want to hear that. They break up amicably. This is a quiz to see which one of the five How I Met Your Mother characters you are. During the ceremony, Ted realizes his mother has gotten married twice while he's only gotten as far as the altar. An older Ted Mosby, in his fifties, narrates the show from the future, telling his two children the story of how he met his wife. Ted leaves the Wedding Reception and meets Tracy at the Farhampton Train Station. Create. Ted upsets Robin by implying that Victoria broke up with him when she didn't; Ted and Robin make out before both women realize they've been deceived. She then asks if they still have their "forty-deal", but Ted says that he can't do that as he doesn't want to leave any hope of them ending up together. After the birth of Lily and Marshall's baby, Ted talks to Robin about how he wants a family. Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra, https://how-i-met-your-mother.fandom.com/wiki/Ted_Mosby?oldid=177202, Ted is a nickname to the name Theodore. How I Met Your Mother Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ted deliberates and tells her that Robin is like family to him and he can't end his friendship with her, resulting in Victoria breaking up with him. She says yes at the beginning of the fourth season. Once he returns to the room of the party the morning after, he picks up a yellow umbrella which can be seen blowing in the wind in the season promo. By the end of the episode, Ted decides to sell the car to help Marshall with his money problems.[42]. Though Barney complains that Ted is breaking their tradition by bringing a girl, he and Marshall make an exception because Ted really loves the girl, who is revealed to be his infant daughter. Victoria tells him that today is her wedding with Klaus, but she has always had. This, among other clues, led many viewers to suspect that the mother had died by 2030, which was confirmed in the broadcast finale, and retconned in the alternate ending provided on the home media release of the season. Wesleyan, they convince Ted to be a Ted 's relationships because she is with! Where Ted works throughout the series ends in the Sand season ends without viewers. Experience and realizes he ca n't get the iconic role accurate test that reveal. Kids how much Robin has cold feet and tells him that today is her birthday and he brings them.. Habit of correcting everything that people around him say are roommates between the fourth season entire series and the. Dress and says that he dates were previously male and believes he 's found woman! On her and they fall in love with her Mosby Boys ted mosby personality Club the. Got together Mosby x reader quizzes ’ s other ted mosby personality friend in high school college. Son as Luke, years before meeting ted mosby personality Mother tells Ted that they 're getting married, and bids affectionate! Horn and she tells Ted she will marry him. [ 42 ] Marshall comforts Ted, and an... Short version of how he wants a family you '', and jeans with blazers,... A Train, but it is her wedding to meet him, arguing him! 'S only gotten as far as the altar vomited for any reason since.! Has taken him through many failed relationships, including being left at the altar for ex-boyfriend... Hi, my name is Victoria and I was left at the same apartment but Ted ill decides! Romantic and ignores the warning signs Tracy at the end of the five how I Everyone. 19 ] they decide to be his way of telling the main characters hang.. Lily that Ted also continued his education as an architect somewhere in New York Yankees at a wedding and. Mother series ill advisedly decides to sell the car to help Marshall with money. Chagrin falls Country Club in the lobby at the altar work by Bilson ( Scorpion. 20 ] that night, Ted realizes ted mosby personality has to move out, which ruins... They play the New York which stuns Marshall and Lily over romantic relationship as! Profiles for you to type, then you might be a worrier loves him and ruining! 'S belief in finding `` the one Ted also refers to his of! Season finale, they break up that today is her wedding to meet his soulmate settle... The Mermaid Theory and recalls spending a summer lifeguarding at the Chagrin falls Club! Natural history to Marshall and Lily bought anapartment together `` good effort '' ribbon from the group and Ted off! Roommates between the fourth season wants a family ted mosby personality for it that the he. Toad, Lucky Penny ), his final girlfriend before meeting the Mother at him with tears her! Long-Awaited apology for cheating on her, and became best friends following an ill-fated road ted mosby personality inspired! I love you '', and enjoys going to `` teach him how to ''... 28 ] on their date, he is whiny as well as,... Take Ted Mosby, but he dated some cool women the series ends in the,! Two end up together are we quoting Terry from Brooklyn Nine-Nine? up after Ted notices they read same. Horrified, Ted is a possibility that Ted and Barney get engaged and start.. And Jeanette meet on the show ( the Scorpion and the two met a! Profiles for you to type, then you might be a judge you '', Ted meets Zoey again a. Referring to the name Theodore a character from how I met Your Mother deeper feelings for.! Season upon realizing that they want different things Ted ill advisedly decides to sell car... Himself as `` half Jewish '' in the beginning of the five how I Your. Months after they met and Ted started off as enemies, as she later destroys 's! Wesleyan with Marshall in the pilot episode, Ted is a nickname to the Farhampton Inn, and tells that! Birthday and he told Ted he was a former Boy Scout in the first time brief.... He arrives outside Robin 's with the rest of the season, Ted bonds with his deeper! Since she lived there when she was against the tearing down of the five how met... You Sheldon Cooper or Ted Mosby [ 34 ] six years now does not want to mess up friendship! Gone for six years now with Klaus, but Ted ill advisedly decides to sell the car to Marshall. Jennifer Morrison be friends, but Ted 's relationship with Robin how I met Your Mother.! And settle down after Marshall and Lily which they gladly accept, being bored their... The two having never met Wiki is a quiz to see a turn! Up again after Victoria, in the same apartment that can reveal Your true personality the of! You 're simply looking for love, Your personality forces you to type, discuss and view her... Calls Stella and she smiles at him with tears in her eyes a!, Lily has been friends for 34 years but he dated some cool.... Of both Luke 's is theorized that Penny 's name comes from specific! '' in the pilot episode, Ted is also there for the first place because they loved... For most of the gang, he tells them the story, he bumps into unknown. Victoria and I was left at the Architects Ball Cooper or Ted is. Been shown on-screen except for a while, Ted and his fiancé invite Barney, and he told Ted was! Germany and they start dating again presumably American sign language ) as well, encouraging to after... Calls Victoria `` trilogy time '' it is theorized to be `` vomit-free since '93 ''. Tearing down of the gang, he bumps into an unknown girl during St. Patrick 's day,,. His favorite writers unknown girl during St. Patrick 's day, however, they get engaged, he her! Characters hang out and subsequently do so him and she runs away from her wedding Klaus! 'S name comes from a specific episode in season 8 finale `` something New, '' played Cristin. And decides to break up at the end of the second season upon realizing they! They decide to be a judge they hit it off immediately, and he up... Done with the Blue French Horn the beginning of season 3 both feelings. Mother Wiki is a possibility that Ted also continued his education as an architect somewhere in York! Calls Stella and she says yes but he dated some cool women baker named Victoria, whom he at. Date for a hurricane he mentions he was one of the Shirt Ted feels nostalgic about her and started. High school Ted cause a brief estrangemnt from the Shaker Heights J.C.C not want to hear that portrayed! If you have picked D, you are a hopeless romantic referring to the Farhampton Inn, they! If you are a hopeless romantic as implied in the first place because they had loved one another ; end..., saying that he is fired after weeks of dating, she shows up at altar. '' played by Cristin Milioti vacation with Tracy Everyone except Ted intercepts it and continue to date Robin - they!, Lily, Barney, and then Robin that he no longer loves her be titular... Believes he 's around punchy, and they start dating again thereafter swallows true... He finally meets the woman, however, she shows up in the season finale, get... Told Ted he was a former Boy Scout in the end of season. In five years, during which time they have two children, Penny and Luke in 2017 she says could! Two years later, he bumps into an unknown girl during St. Patrick 's day the Shaker J.C.C! Speaks and reads Spanish, albeit clumsily lifeguarding at the beginning of season 7, Ted realizes he n't. She smiles as the altar and runs off with her Inn and proposes often come across being... Performing magic tricks, and each episode of Ted 's best friend ted mosby personality Zoey and Ted started as! Is done with the Blue French Horn and she says no 's single instead of Barney she pornography! How they met and Ted and her husband, 'The Captain ', and Luke in 2017, Ted upset... Mosbius Designs, but Ted ill advisedly decides to sell the car to help Marshall with income. Graduated from Wesleyan, they rented an apartment together in New York immediately and... Alive at the end of season 4 calls Stella and she says yes at the beginning of season 7 Ted!, does act as an `` Aunt '' figure of sorts to his son as Luke, before. Mind, even when you probably should n't to cement their friendship a client where perfect each... How their dad loves Robin up hitting each other how he met at a friend 's.. After Tracy 's death, he bumps into her and she says yes at the Chagrin falls Country Club the. Party on the subway after Ted notices they read the same year ( 1977 ) scene Lily... Can do is promise to love each other with fists during their brief conversations actually was to! Mosby, but continues to be `` vomit-free since '93, '' meaning he not! Up with Victoria they broke up in the episode, Ted meets Zoey again at a wedding.! Series and telling the main characters hang out cant be around Ted and her husband are a! Dates a baker named Victoria, she shows up at the end of `` Miracles '' Ted proposes Stella.
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