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"I went through about $50,000 of my savings that I could have had for a rainy day. Vanishing of the Bees is a fascinating documentary narrated by Ellen Page. "I had to literally pay all those people," she said in the Netflix documentary. Whether you’re into comedy, drama, animation, or sci-fi, there will be something on our list of the best TV shows of all time for you. From Netflix to HBO, there are multiple big players in the TV game, churning out high-quality content from The Sopranos to House of Cards. A Super Prison for Deadly Animal Diseases. As a vegetarian-mostly-vegan, I have long been aware of the environmental damage caused by the meat industry. But CCD is a fascinating topic that I think everyone should take some time to learn about. On Plum Island, two families have been duking it out for generations, Hatfields vs. McCoys-style. Advertisement. Although research on this topic has advanced since the film’s 2009 release (we now know that pesticides are the cause of the CCD) it is still relevant, informative, and provides crucial insight into a devastating global issue. Hello, mense! Plum Island's Secret Past Although the origins of Plum Island are shrouded in secrecy, investigations have revealed the startling fact that, in the 1950s, the lab was run by a German scientist named Erich Traub, who was brought to America after the Second World War. Birds infected on Plum Island made it to the mainland, and thus the beginning of this nightmare today. The Legend of Cocaine Island. She then originated the role of Gingy and the Sugar Plum Fairy in Shrek the Musical on Broadway, and went on to replace Sutton Foster as Princess Fiona, in which she also starred on tour. Plum Island is the first John Corey book. The film brings important issues to light and explain how we are all part of the problem, so we all need to be part of the solution. I laugh at him, but there are times he is just plain overbearing. The U.S. government has granted license for a new foot-and-mouth vaccine, developed at the fabled Plum Island Animal Disease Center. After the war, he still pursued a brilliant career, in all impunity, and died covered in honors. Summary: Ventura storms Congress to discover if the government is conducting bio-warfare experiments at the mystifying Plum Island Animal Research Center off the shore of Long Island. Schalkie Bez got us through the hardest parts of lockdown and he continues to lift our spirits in his various roles and stand-up specials on Showmax. The island is located squarely in the narrow mouth of Long Island Sound, which … The chilling images leave you feeling disturbed, but hopefully, motivated to make a change. Their short films will talk about honour killing, caste and prejudice. Bioweapons: Lyme Disease, Weaponized Ticks, Plum Island & More By TS on August 2, 2019 • ( 0). Another place I came across: is a site which Dana Walsh from UOS put together. The island spans a mere 3 miles long, and 1 mile wide at its widest point. The film suggests that although the price of clothing has significantly declined in recent years, the true cost of clothing has actually risen greatly, without consumers realizing it. I will probably include it in a future post. More Than Honey is another film that documents colony collapse disorder. Thanks for blogging about all this cool stuff, throughout your website. I produce big action movies and have never made a documentary, but Thay wanted one specifically on mindfulness. Over the course of three years, film makers explore the effects of dams. It refers to Plum Island bioweapons research. An urban legend about a duffel bag of cocaine buried in the Caribbean leads a misfit band to hatch a nutball plan to find it in this comic documentary. Tourism was not a big industry in Nova Scotia back then. Plum Island is an island in the Town of Southhold in Suffolk County, New York. As someone who bought into the fast fashion industry and used to look for a new outfit for every occasion, The True Cost was the rude awakening that I needed to inspire me to cut down on pointless consumption of cheap fashion products. Plum Island's association with the United States government goes all the way back to the 18th century, when General George Washington recognized its strategic importance. Read more. A rescue mission to an island off the coast of Maine after a Nor'easter uncovers long hidden secrets. The 843-acre island is a … 6.6/10 83% . As men, they continued the journey to no avail. Plum Island is an island in the Town of Southold in Suffolk County, New York, in the United States.The island is situated in Gardiners Bay, east of Orient Point, off the eastern end of the North Fork coast of Long Island.It is about 3 miles (4.8 km) long and 1-mile (1.6 km) wide at its widest point. Sci-fi action film Edge of Tomorrow started streaming on Netflix from December 14. New Netflix series features 11-year-old ‘koala whisperer’ Associated Press Wed., September 9, 2020 10:43 a.m. | Wednesday, September 9, 2020 10:43 a.m. Netflix via AP . This eye-opening documentary exposes the consequences that disposable plastics have on our planet, our oceans, and our health. Although Food Inc. does not necessarily focus on the environmental impacts of the modern food industry, it uncovers many issues within an industry that we all know is harmful to the environment in its current state. My name is Kristin Schallhorn and I am embarking on my less wasteful lifestyle journey in the Washington, DC area. Piers Morgan's serial killer documentary will be available for Netflix customers from tomorrow. Filmmakers argue that while environmental organizations encourage us to be mindful about our recycling, waste, and water use, they are completely ignoring one of the most environmentally harmful practices on the planet–large-scale factory farming of animals. There at Plum Island Traub purportedly worked on developing diseases that could be loaded into such insect vectors and spread into enemy territory as a bioweapon, eventually creating Lyme disease, which could be carried in ticks on birds and other animals. Looking to watch Don's Plum? Find a Comfortable Chair, Grab a Snack and Enjoy the Show; Watch a Good Documentary; Foreign Films; Available now; Most popular; Try something different; New video additions; See all ; FEATURED COLLECTIONS. It’s followed by The Lion’s Game , Night Fall , Wild Fire , The Lion and The Panther . libero. The equipment used to make the film included mini helicopters and high-speed cameras to catch bees in flight, and tiny cameras that offer views from inside the bee hives. Jamoca, which has been created by Tencent's Robotics X Lab, can walk across a set of uneven poles spaced randomly apart, like 'plum blossom piles' used in Kung Fu to teach better balance. Preview. Channel 4. If you don’t understand why, Cowspiracy is a great place to start. ante. The Cuban government has also claimed that Plum Island was the source of an insidious bio-attack plot against their agricultural assets as well, and there have been declassified documents confirming a secret biological warfare program being pursued at Plum Island right up until 1969, when the program was shut down by then president Richard Nixon. The film exposes the devastating effects of colony collapse disorder and explores potential causes. He was very, very clear that it was not to be about him or the other monastics, but to teach mindfulness. This is "Plum Island Trailer-NEW" by Visionaries, Inc. on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Plum Island's Secret Past Although the origins of Plum Island are shrouded in secrecy, investigations have revealed the startling fact that, in the 1950s, the lab was run by a German scientist named Erich Traub, who was brought to America after the Second World War. Netflix has come up with its first Tamil anthology Paava Kadhaigal, which brings together four directors Sudha Kongara, Vetri Maaran, Vigesh Shivan and Gautam Menon. Here it is: the ultimate environmental documentary Netflix guide. Read more. They work on Plum Island, a storied place where locals thought biological weapons were created. THE FINAL MISSION: FOXY'S WAR. Not all environmental documentaries are about climate change. Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory blows the lid off the stunning true nature and checkered history of Plum Island. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. A gifted medical student searching for answers. Summary: Ventura storms Congress to discover if the government is conducting bio-warfare experiments at the mystifying Plum Island Animal Research Center off the shore of Long Island. This documentary will change the way you shop and the way you view cheap products. This is a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about a fairly recent environmental concern. linda - 03/10/2013 at 12:39 the doco is great but the music sucks Sai Pallavi, Simran, Gautham Menon, Prakash Raj, Anjali, Kalki Koechlin, Kalidas Jayaram and Shanthanu Bhagyaraj have acted in these films. Try The Courage of Captain Plum, from the pen of one of the masters of the genre, James Oliver Curwood. John is a good character, but he wears on you. On December 10th, 2018, Netflix tweeted a teaser for Fyre, a documentary about the festival. Nelson DeMille full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. A must watch for anyone who wants to better understand America’s addiction to fuel and how we can end it. Watch trailers & learn more. There are not Oak Island entry fees, no Oak Island pony rides or campgrounds or any other of the trappings surrounding tourist traps. Over the years, millions of dollars have been spent to find the mystery at the bottom of the pit. Experimenting with the truth can be deadly. Leave a comment below and I may add it to the list. Rhode Island: Fact & Fiction; No Wait! Another film that is praised for its cinematography is Chasing Ice. CHANNEL 4. It is an incredible documentary that mixes art and science in the most beautiful way. Check out the freshest plums here: ... Spelling the Dream – Netflix Original Documentary; 4 June.
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