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Get the best deal for Bath & Body Works Plug In/Nightlight Warmer Home Fragrances from the largest online selection at Free Shipping on Orders Over $39. Thanks for coming to my site and being incredibly rude. … So, changed my cleaner, only to discover it’s still happening after having washed all the whites! Buy top selling products like Serene House® Aerolite Electric Wax Warmer and Serene House® Eclipse Electric Wax Warmer. A more impactful way to introduce new aromas, these devices often plug-in to standard outlets and use a bulb or hot plate to heat up. Guess what – the refills have NO WARNING other than to keep away from children and pets and something about calling the Poison Control Center. First of all, it’s our new home where most everything is still pristine. ~Good luck. $3.99. As for me, gift cards or not, I will no longer be purchasing the products. Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Electronics Books Customer Service Gift Ideas Home Computers Gift Cards Sell I love bath and body works. We started using Bath and Body Works Wallflowers. Plenty of space—I thought maybe it was a fluke—now I pulling the plug on the 5/6 wallflowers I have around the house! I have plug ins in two of my bathrooms, both with white towels. NON-MEMBER PRICE. Then I started thinking of what inhaling the vapors could do to my system. Shop now! Furthermore, like others have also stated, basically everything you breathe in that isn’t oxygen has the potential to irritate and cause harm in high enough doses… MSDS sheets do not represent the typical reaction to typical usage of these products. Which should be put on the bulbs, I agree. (I found my way to this site because my Wallflowers end up smelling burnt after awhile and I was wondering if there was a way to prevent that, reducing the “power” of my outlet or something.). I hate hearing these stories I’m sorry. Dusty has been featured on ABC, on Mom Talk Radio and in iBlog Magazine. Helpful. Plug in wax melt warmer. She said to me that I could get a refund if I have my receipt, or the lowest price in exchange for a gift card if I didn’t. Wow thanks so much for sharing your story, I’ve been using bath & body wall flowers for years, but I recently read that synthetic scents can be harmful to your health so I begin researching and came across your post. Couple of swipes with a light sandpaper and a dab of paint. Wax warmers, a form of diffuser, gradually heats up your choice of scented wax while dispersing fragrance. Copper Owl Wall Plug in wax/oil warmerWall plug in works perfect in the bathroom, the kitchen, office, etc. This is the unit to use the wallflower bulbs(not included). It seemed promising at this point. I really don’t think that calling me an idiot is called for. 39 39 reviews. I’m sorry to hear the issues you had . Exclusively Ours. Cats do not have the ability to process things the same way we do. AmbiEscents™ Rhapsody Full Size Wax Warmer. I’m wondering if they are related? The damage is through the paint and to the wood. When we built our new home in 2014, I was pretty consistent about keeping it clean and smelling good. The freshener was brand new – used once – bought it 2 days ago!. If they can’t find a way to make them non-toxic, they have just now lost another dedicated customer. 10 people found this helpful. I wish I could upload my picture here, but these wallflowers literally turned my plastic camper sink into PUTTY!! It didn’t even bubble or peel. Made with our essential oils, they keep the scent going 24/7 for up to 30 days. That’s why you use a regular wall outlet close to the floor. I know this is over a year old at this point. Read more. there isnt a choice on using chemicals or not. Jun 24, 2020 - Explore Catherine Smith's board "wax burners and plug ins" on Pinterest. I’m not at all surprised by the accounts of the paint being messed up. Back to airwick I guess. Wax warmers offer you more fragrance than burning a candle does, too. 8 8 reviews. 99 "gigi wax warmer" Gigi Wax Warmer, 1 Count. Jan 6, 2014 - Scentsy/Bath & Body Works Wallflower Hack (Use Body Spray!) No offence, Dusty, but all this could have been avoided if you had read the 12 inch rule, which I noticed when I first bought wallflowers, not that I needed to because, like others have said, it’s common sense to make sure to leave enough room between something that uses heat and other objects. It was one of these Wall Things got so hot and caused a fire in the house. Personally, I think you are blowing this way out of proportion, for all of the reasons people have already stated in these comments. Read any MSDS for any product ever and you will think it causes cancer or something, including some of the ingredients in things we consume such as soda or food dye. Prime Cart. It says dangerous to aquatic life and has a corn based product in it. Sure. I just purchased these 2 days ago, and the FIRST THING I saw was the warning about the 12 inch clearance… just saying…. It just made me sick. Ugh! GUILTY! One stain is (no exaggeration ) 4 by 14 inches long. Take 50 organic oranges and concentrate their natural oils down and seriously consider if it would be a good idea to drink that. The simple fact is that anything that dissipates heat from a source should be kept away from anything that might be damaged by it. I just googled “Wallflowers and Peeling Paint”. It’s funny that you would think they actually would use essential oils when you can buy the refills so cheap… and do you really think THOSE smells come from essential oils???? View Privacy Policy. Shop for electric candle warmers at Bed Bath & Beyond. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. Mine did too! It says they are made of natural essential oils. For Wallflower: 1. White Barn Fragrance Melt Warmer from Bath and Body Works Brand: White Barn. The plug-in had been removed, tipped over and some of the oil spilled out and removed paint in my bathroom. Keep fighting! How do you price that “project” out, compensation wise? I will not buy any more wallflower refills from bath and body works. This gives you the opportunity to easily collect more fragrances than you can with a candle. She admitted, she doesn’t “read the fine print either” which, I suppose, is comforting, but if she’s not reading it, then who’s to say we are? I will definitely share this information with others that I know use these products as well. Thank you for writing this article and bringing attention to a potential hazard. The vet discovered her ‘liver heat’ was high and her first question was if I used any type of plug ins. …and that is what they sell…cheap dangerous over priced crap. I asked what are the ingredients in their Wallflower oil, first email was ignored and after second email I got this responce: Thank you for reaching out to us, regarding the ingredients in our Wallflowers. CDN$ 47.04 … Wishing for a stronger scent? I wish I could have posted the picture of my damage as well. Article by Dana Meade. 1. Prime Cart. Also, MSDS is not available in uour link, can you fix please? Shop for plug in wax warmers at Bed Bath & Beyond. I not taking my back just yet but this information is great and it keeps others aware thanks for sharing. Semi-Annual Sale is here! Works great. Life happens, get your product returned and take the gift card if you don’t have the receipt. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! I only use my wallflower for 15-20 minutes at a time and when I unplug it it’s very warm/hot. I have had it with Bath and Body. I’m calling my local tv station that deals with consumer problems. Twist the empty glass fragrance bulb out of the plug-in. I do still use them. Both delivery stronger scent and are available in our store. Get the best deal for Bath & Body Works Plug In/Nightlight Warmer Home Fragrances from the largest online selection at A paraffin wax bath can bring you sweet relief, whether you suffer from dry, cracked hands and feet, or you're dealing with the pain of arthritis and injury. I also use scented candles but from Yankee Candles. It definitely told me everything I needed to know. This thread has sent folks off the cliff with hysteria and you are feeding into a collective “victim” frenzy. Luckily this happened before we remodeled our bathroom. This is terrible!!! Skip to content. Exclusively Ours . I’m sick thinking about having to replace my sink because of a stupid plug in. We will also be more careful about what we do allow in our home.. Get a scent ball and use pure essential oils. Browse our daily deals for … Free Shipping on Orders Over $39. on How Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Could Be Dangerous To Your Home, How Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Could Be Dangerous To Your Home, Home Chef Review: A Meal Delivery Service For Busy Parents, What We Should Be Sharing With Other Women. ... Feel the fresh and comfortable home created by ASAWASA wax warmer for scented wax … Good luck With your new home and please be careful! If you paid with Credit Card, you won’t need it anyway and should be refunded. Wow! I honestly think you should have used better judgement and since I work in retail myself (for a pet store, not B&BW) you come off as “that kind of customer”… you know… the bitchy, whiny customer that clearly didn’t use the product properly but wants to blame someone else for it and makes a huge thing about it to see if the corporation will throw money at them to shut them up… don’t be that customer… suck it up and learn from your mistake. After reading it I think you’re being a bit light on yourself though. I paid for shipping, why must I be inconvenienced. Wishing for a stronger scent? *It should be noted that a few weeks after this post, we were contacted by Bath & Body Works. Shop 3-wick candles, Wallflowers plugs and refills, concentrated room sprays and more. :/. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. I have small animals and a small room, hence why I don’t leave mine plugged in for very long. (yes, that was a mistake) It leaked, ate the finish right off the table and ate the finish off the lamp that was beside it. I wouldn’t use any mass manufactured product in my home, it is just common sense. We really enjoyed using them, that is, until we saw the damage that they can cause. But for what it’s worth…I googled the wallflowers’ toxicity, because I just returned from a holistic veterinarian with my 2 cats for a regular checkup after 4 years of ‘none’ because I don’t believe in vaccinations. I have been searching online for this and have not found it. The MSDS open up a lot of questions and do not indicate that these products have been tested to make sure they are safe for humans and pets to breathe. See more ideas about wax burner, bath and body works, bath and body. That’s very potent. I have added them to my floor outlets all over my house. That’s neither here nor there. Jun 24, 2020 - Explore Catherine Smith's board "wax burners and plug ins" on Pinterest. Log in Sign up. I’m surprised these products were allowed to get this far without proper testing. Second, this damage is in my sunroom; it’s my relaxing place, my sanctuary. Try. I had almost the same exact conversation with them. And my cat has suffered from diarrhea for years! By checking this, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Really? I spoke first with Sheree. I’m waiting for the call from the resolution team. Skip to main Hello, Sign in. Of course, the temperature will be nowhere near these amounts at a surface 2 to 5 inches away, but it’s gotta be somewhat significant. Good post. I have a pet safe ant repellent that has natural oils in it and it peeled the paint off of a desk of mine. check out the double wallflower unit or a scentport unit. In fact there was no paper work on it! But my kitchen is a year old. Great prices on your favourite Home brands, and free delivery on eligible orders. They are a Claims Services Provider – essentially a 3rd party in this issue – whose Google description says they “…guide those suffering a loss to the best outcomes for their futures.”. This morning I noticed a plug laying down on my night stand (presumably one that my child unplugged and my wife set there). Bath and Body Works Cream Wax Melt Warmer. Seeing this, I was crushed. : Home & Kitchen. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. I don’t need my homeowners insurance premiums going up due to a claim like this so I’ll just keep fighting the fight on my own. I can send you her post if you’d like? You may withdraw your consent at anytime. I’m not making that call. I knew that our friends and family would be popping in, most of them unexpectedly, to see the home we’d just built. Your email must be in the format of The liquid part. Shop for electric wax warmers at Bed Bath & Beyond. If you want more information, I definitely suggest reading the MSDS on the Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. I’m sorry to hear this! Oct 13, 2019 - Fill your home with exclusive Bath & Body Works scents. Couple that with the soft spa like atmosphere in my bathroom, I’m not happy about having to give it up. You can actually refill them with any scented oil you want. Wax melts are loaded with more fragrance than in candles. Especially because you didn’t read the fine print. Night light. I would contact them again because what they sent you is the wrong MSDS. However, we still no longer purchase or use the Bath & Body Works Wallflower units. They’re dying. Both delivery stronger scent and are available in our store. Those warnings are often decontextualized from how the product is designed to be used. Includes 1 scentsy full size plug in wax warmer and 10 Bath and Body works candles, all of the glass jars are broken. NON-MEMBER PRICE. I’m sure its a mute point, but I just wanted to let you know that the reason this probably happened is because of the heating element inside of the actual plug. But, I saw these at the mall yesterday. When we built our new home in 2014, I was pretty consistent about keeping it clean and smelling good. It would make amazing glue! We investigated Bath & Body Works / Slatkin - Oil Wax Tart Disc Warmer - YOU CHOOSE free shipping info, 2020 reviews, and promotion codes over the last 2 years for you at waxwarmersi. in your house “smarter than you”, is that what you’re saying? Bath & Body Works Wallflower on Mercari. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. If you left a puddle of water on a table for an extended period, most wood sealants would be ruined and water is not a solvent. I’m sure more and more people are having similar issues with damages to their property. CDN$ 47.04 CDN$ 47. And to say you will not use any products from them, really that’s your choice but trying to tarnish their reputation isn’t. It’s not an unreasonable request considering the damage. I have one of those laser gun thermometers and measured four of the plugs: -At the heating element (a white ring surrounding the wick, under the “screen”) all four plugs gave readings averaging 153°F. Thank you so much for sharing! Truly anything that you’re breathing in on a daily basis that isn’t pure air is going to cause some damage to your lungs over time. Hi I read your page about Bath and Body Works. But there was no warning on the plug ins. Had a wall flower in my camper when we leave for the week I put in on the bathroom sink came back it had leaked and ate and cracks Destroying My sink. Browse our daily deals for … I received a call from Natasha from Gallagher Bassett. 2. However, I also have the oils from bath and body works that I would like to use, but i'm not sure if I can use them in there also. Yankee Candle Wax Tarts are 0.8 oz in size for $1.99 each versus Bath & Body Works Fragrance Wax Melts which are $4.50 each at 0.97 oz. This is the unit to use the wallflower bulbs(not included). You'll find new or used products in Bath & Body Works Plug In/Nightlight Warmer Home Fragrances on eBay. Thanks so much for noticing that! What are you using as an alternitive to freshen the house? I found this site because I was looking for an alternative to these. It is incumbent upon a manufacturer to make sure that their product is safe for its intended purpose. Same story with my newly remodeled kitchen…. Get the best deal for Bath & Body Works Plug In/Nightlight Warmer Home Fragrances from the largest online selection at It’s destroyed, I can push the plastic around with my finger. My instinct was actually to hang onto it in case this escalated. OMG! Free shipping on selected items. Our stunning range of plug in wax melt warmers are perfect for use with soft soy-based wax melts with a low melting point. 2. Shop eBay for great deals on Bath & Body Works Plug In/Nightlight Warmer Home Fragrances. If you go on Consumer Affairs website, you will see various complaints for the same situation. | … Dusty is the editor of As Mom Sees It, a family lifestyle and travel site. Simply drop a Fragrance Melt into one of our decorative Fragrance Warmers, sold separately, and plug in for long-lasting fragrance. What do you expect? Thanks for the comment! check out the new double wallflower unit or a scentport unit. Honestly though, even essential oils, some of which are powerful organic solvents (yes, solvents), will peel finishes and cause damage to plastics, irritate mucous membranes and cause headaches in too great of concentrations. They have to be very thoroughly diluted for use around cats. Was this a mistake? We assumed they were since they’re such a popular retail product and used by millions. From fresh to floral, woodsy to fruity, there’s a scented plug … Hopefully they’ll change their formula soon! I am also a loyal customer of bath and body work and use the wallflower very often. Find your partially-used body mists or sprays. Shop now! As we can see from bath and body works, lysol, clorox, etc. I’ve had someone unplug a wallflower and set it on a side table and it did take the finish off, I’ve had a guest unplug the wall flower and plug it back in upside down and it took the paint off the baseboard… shit happens, move on. Plenty of natural things are toxic too. After a few days, I decided I needed to research if that was normal or if my outlets were dangerous. But I have experience with solvents in my work. $1600 later she is finally at home recovering but she is still in excruciating pain and has open infected lesions that developed overnight on her feet elbows ears and mouth. Both delivery stronger scent.. I told her that because of the damage to our home, it’s unlikely we’ll be purchasing any more Bath & Body Works products. These devices often use a bulb or hot plate to melt the wax without the use of steam, creating a more impactful scent. I’ve purchased the wallflowers since they first started making them and never had any problems until the past few years. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. I did not see anything on these products as far as 12 inches! My question to them was, what outlet extends 12 inches away from any wall? I believe the combination of the heat and chemicals has done real damage to surroundings. The paint on my two year old medicine cabinet “melted off” completely. This is the unit to use the wallflower bulbs(not included). 4. However I do agree with you that plug in “air fresheners” should not be used. That was exactly one of our thoughts and why we won’t be using their products any longer. I understand the frustration but really “replace or repair” the windowsill, is a little dramatic. Wishing for a stronger scent? Sounds like a money grab for your own mistake. Wallflower plug in fragrance warmer. NON-MEMBER PRICE . So afraid what this may have done to my family over the past few years! That’s exactly what I mentioned to BBW; that there are no warnings on the refills! I love my scentsy warmer but I'm out of tarts. Good luck with your repairs though. I add water, a few drops of essential oils, and herbs and simmer it. Thanks again,. That is NOT essential oils; that is a solvent-based liquid. I just read a post from someone on FB that said essential oils are bad too. 04 (CDN$ 47.04/Count) CDN$ 50.00 CDN$50.00. This is exactly why everything cost so much nowadays, because people don’t read instructions, something bad happens, and then those people decide they want to be compensated for their own mistakes. Thanks again for posting so that others could ne warned! Since that conversation, we’ve not received any additional correspondence from the brand; one to which we were very loyal customers by the looks of my bank account. The stopper holds an absorbent stick that draws the fragrance upward. We've got lots of goodies coming your way! Keep an eye on your email. Twist the empty glass fragrance bulb out of the plug-in. When I went to dust some time later, it had leaked all over some CDs and hardened to a substance I couldn’t get off even with a scraper, had to throw out the CD cases—pried them open and broke them to get the CDs out. Jenn, no offense but the “damage” is little paint flaking up. Devices that plug into the wall, like Glade Plug Ins or Bath and Body Works Wallflowers have become extremely popular. We just found damage to my husbands guitar that was hanging over one of these on the wall!! Buy top selling products like AmbiEscents™ Vine Mosaic Accent Warmer and AmbiEscents™ Riva Salt Rock Accent Warmer. Not bath & body, brand is red shed. Get the best deal for Bath & Body Works Plug-In Scented Oil Warmer Air Fresheners from the largest online selection at But no where in the kitchen or near any cabinets. | … many. isoamyl acetate sounds scary because woah acetate sounds like acetone, and it can strip varnishes and paint when concentrated. I live across from a water treatment plant and have done everything to keep the poop-smell out of my house. Get some pouppori, you will never find anyhing that does the job that is “natural” or completely “non-toxic”. Keep your Bath and Body Works wallflower plug in working great with this simple method to clean it... Have you ever looked at your wallflower plug in after the scented oil runs out? I also have the finish eaten right off my dresser where it tipped. Astonished at the MSDS which i’ve never read or the fine print on the bottles. I don’t think gift cards will help when I’ve told them that I won’t be using their products. I cannot be sure, however we have had wallflowers in my bathroom for a few months now and I have been experiencing unbelievable stomach issues, truly excruciating.
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