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Latrishia believes Raymond's PTSD from the Navy is taken a toll on their sex life and relationship. Michaela and Richard’s 30-year age difference has taken a toll on them. For the past 13 years Judge Lynn Toler has given her verdict with tough love and compassion. Dominique and Cody have been together for 2 years. The venerable courtroom show takes a look at real-life divorcing couples. Timothy is tired of being kicked out every time Erin catches an attitude. Quey loves Floyd, but his jealousy is leading her to consider ending their three-year commitment: she says she's becoming an alcoholic because of his controlling ways; he says she pushed him to become this way because he's caught her in a few lies. Jasimine says Tamara can explode from 0 to 100 in fits of rage. Andwela and Nicole are lovers who came together after cheating on their spouses to form a family, but issues of lying and distrust has plagued the relationship. Nichele says Stewart would pay the neighbors to spy on her about the possibility that she was cheating. Meanwhile his wife, Kim Garrett has her belongings packed and is waiting on the moving truck. He is frustrated with her always trying to micromanage everything. Devan says he feels like he's raising a child because Nykeia doesn't use basic common sense. 1999-Present Legal. He met her while he was working security at a nightclub, now after catching her in numerous lies he says he is struggling to find security in the relationship. Safa says she's reached a new level of loneliness because of her husbands' addiction to playing video games. Episode Recap Divorce Court on TV.com. 8/24/20 Court TV's Next Live Trial: Ex-Boyfriend Accused in Teen's Death. Jazmin wants to trust Darren, but can't because he has cheated with multiple women. Amina says she's tired of being the man and the woman in their relationship. Where to Watch. Chandler says Quanasia lost her drive after having children. When Milton came into Sona's life, all the stars were aligned but lately their entire relationship has been out of orbit. He says Tiana is overbearing and treats him like a child trying to control his every move. Now after a long two year engagement she is wondering if she can even trust him. You'll love it. Watch Divorce Court episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. She says his promiscuous behavior is no longer allowed under her roof. Divorce Court 1999-Present, Legal. This show has been on since '99 (The same year Mathis started) and it's still going strong to this day and the first few years, Judge Mablean wore glasses and now she doesn't wear glasses. America says that Nathaniel's controlling ways has taken the relationship to the point of no return. He recently found out about them hanging at a restaurant together behind his back. One of the earliest and most enduring examples of this realtiy-based genre (long before the term "reality TV" had even been coined) is Divorce Court. Judge Mablean Epriam and Baliff Joe are two people that warm up the show when divorced couples appear. Check local listings for station and time in your area. Amesha says D'jarvis is a liar, cheater, and a fraud who convinced her he was living the high life when he was actually homeless. William says Dashia is sneaky, belittles him, has trust issues and allows her family to interfere in their relationship. divorce court 0118 2019 w Judge Lynn Tolerdivorce court 0118 2019 w Judge Lynn Tolerdivorce court 0118 2019 w Judge Lynn Toler Asia is sick of Clifford complimenting women as an excuse to keep his doors open over social media. He says she is lazy and a slob. Matthew blames his infidelities on the lack of affection from his wife. She loves Gary very much and claims to be a ‘ride or die’ girlfriend. Brandon gave her a promise ring, but he hasn't promised to do a thing. She moved in with him shortly after they met, had a child and still no marriage. Alton says his wife's controlling behavior has led to a power struggle and indicates his wife may have an excessive drinking problem. Theresa says her family has been torn apart by her fiance's lies, laziness and cheating habits. Tonya says Telly is lazy, unreliable, and untrustworthy. On top of that, she’s over Ronnie gambling all their money away when she’s the one paying the bills. Kayla says Bryan is controlling. When Tabatha doesn't get enough attention from Shelby, she acts out and break her personal items. This FAQ is empty. Traci is done with Gino because he always made her feel like she wasn't the main priority in the marriage and claims he doesn't know how to be a husband. After 21 years of marriage, she's ready to call it quits if Larry doesn't learn to prioritize his hobbies and put his family first. Cornisha claims Jawaun leaves for weeks at a time. She says she keeps Levi on a tight leash because he's insufficient with his time and naive when it comes to women using him. Gerald says Tempestt is immature and her childish behavior is ruining their relationship. On part 2 of Dixon vs. Greer, Khalela discovers just who the mystery woman is and what her fiance has been up to while working over the road. The final straw was when they lost their home and Cody pressured her to leave her 7-year-old daughter in Ohio. This relationship has turned sour. This troubled relationship is filled with tales of adultery and disrespect. Mark has always had the persona of being the alpha man and he expects Angelina to submit to his authority. La’Tanya is open and honest to Jonathan with her sexual attraction of other women, which is giving him serious concerns about going forward. Domenique is irate with her husband, Howard, looking for attention from other women on social media and dating sites. Denesha and Khary were once best friends and now they can't even look at each other. Actors portraying litigants in divorce proceedings presented their stories to a judge who gave his judgement based on the merits of the case. For that reason, most of the show’s senior production staff remains the same, even after the move. Miranda believes Chase is cheating because he is constantly disappearing and often accusing him of flirting with her friends. Chassi's issue with Lajuan is that he constantly lets her down by making empty promises. She admits her resentment towards Adrion is causing a rift in the marriage. Jameria says Doug’s family would prefer that she wasn’t in the picture which makes it tense during family outings. She feels like she no longer feels like she can be herself with Brendon. 8/13/20 Iowa Man Sentenced to … Nelson thinks Vanessa is getting too close for comfort with his own father. She claims he doesn't appreciate her. Amesha claims D'jarvis moved into her home and started freeloading off of her. Asia Ford says her main problem with her husband is that he cheats! Miranda wants Chase to stop abandoning her and show her more attention so they can be a family with their new baby. James admits to being a terrible husband, but says he never forced the Angel to do anything. Angelina says Mark's too controlling and he acts more like a father than a boyfriend with all his rules and regulations. She's seen Alicia's text messages from men and asserts Alicia is verbally abusive and financially irresponsible. She claims Bryan no longer puts their child and her as a priority. Ephipeny is over Stevie's flirting. Anthony says he’s trying and has changed his life around with the cheating. Adrion says the last few months have been unbearable in their home. Where to Watch. He says their marriage would be different if Nyfesha would support and encourage him more. Kelsey says he cheats, doesn't pay bills and he's always angry. Garfield and Carolyn had been living together for 20 years but can't seem to make it down the aisle. Divorce Court is available for streaming on 20th Television, both individual episodes and full seasons. Participants and onlookers are interviewed, and viewers are polled on the cases via a Web site. Sara suspects her man, Isiah is mounting more than TV's when he's at work. Lataisha says Chris smokes weed all day and can't keep a job. Giovanna Echols wants Christopher to get a steady job and keep it. Help Lines Dictionary. Julio says she gets worked up over all the wrong things. Brendon says he can't trust Takashia because she is a nonstop attention seeker. She says she has multiple health issues and Marino does the bare minimum to help. Lavern and Julio thought they were the perfect pair, but as time went on, they felt more like an odd couple. Travis says his girlfriend, Jasmin's transition into a woman has put her insecurities into overdrive. This young married couple wanted to start a family, but they have had 7 miscarriages in two years and the losses have caused them to grow apart. She says Darien treats her like a maid. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Johnnie says she suspects him of cheating now because he acts indifferent and doesn't come home most nights. They married, divorced and now they’re back together. Robert believed his problems with Theresa would be fixed if he proposed, but sadly, he says her manipulative and insecure behavior have only gotten worse. Ephipeny needs to make up her mind and have his baby or he's out the door. A few years ago, they were in the courtroom and Judge Lynn really let them have it. Watch full episodes of Divorce Court and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at TVGuide.com Adrian says his boyfriend Zach's family is too involved in their relationship and even claims that his cousin tried to set him up with a friend. Divorce Court This an American nontraditional court show that revolves around settling the disputes of couples going through divorces. Karen Michelle also believes he's sneaking around with other women. Barbara says she is done with the constant cheating accusations and fighting. Jessica hates the way Antjuan curses and disrespects her in front of her kids calling her all types of degrading names. She suspects Christopher has moved on from their relationship with several other women and is seeking the truth once and for all. Demario says Detric's friends are covering for him to allow him to cheat; Detric says Demario is spiteful and irrational. Explore Q&A with Faith Jenkins, new “Divorce Court” judge The show had a makeover when it moved to Atlanta for production in 2018. She feels the pressure from her boyfriend Romeo to have sex is overwhelming. She says he believes she doing more than entertaining and wants her to stop immediately and get a real job. She says Nathaniel will disappear for hours and found him communicating with women on social media. The series first aired on October 20, 2014. Jessica says he has been lying too. He says he's sick and tired of Tabatha finding excuses to end their relationship and claims his gambling isn't a problem because he uses his own money. Her departure set off a talent search which led to the appointment of Faith Jenkins. VieVie says after 4 years, she's ready to kick her boyfriend Nathaniel to the curb. Markia says Herb's over-active sex drive is out of control and it's ruining their relationship because he wants it daily. Daily relationship and common sense advice from Judge Faith Jenkins. She argues Jason is keeping their business profits and says he doesn't support her decision making. Their sex life is in the dumps. D'Carlos says his girlfriend Paige spends his money faster than he can earn it! Kelley feels his immature and childish behavior has her considering burning their marriage license. No matter how hard Demont tries, he's always looking up at the bar Reasha keeps raising, and the romance took a hard turn into a wall when Demont got a promotion and relocated for work, which raised her suspicions of him cheating. “Divorce Court,” which has been shooting its show at Georgia Public Broadcasting, will return for seasons 23 and 24 with host Fatih Jenkins, who took over for Lynn Toler this season. Show History Meet Judge Faith Be On The Show. Casey says Eric's rap career has led to infidelity which has left her feeling insecure. Paw'lla is fed up with Keith's Antics! Nathaniel says he wants to save this relationship. Briana and Geovani suspect each other of cheating; she admits to using a dating app to see if she could find someone with more money. To stay on track, the series needs seasoned producers, directors and editors. Kim says that his Mother is a huge thorn in her side. Latoya wants Davarius to become a stay at home dad because he can't keep a job. Schmanisky says his wife Nacobra never has sex with him and is always being rejected so he feels she must be up to something with someone else. Learn from other couple's mistakes on @DivorceCourt. The show actually shows real small claim cases and presents legitimate judges or attorneys. porsha williams reveals on 'rhoa' why she chose to start a family with dennis mckinley. Jacoby Garrett is fighting to save his marriage of 15 years. She says if he doesn't fix his behavior, the wedding is off and she is done with this relationship! Vanessa is a cocktail waitress who has high-end clients who request her for bottle services. She says Taylor won't man up and be a provider for their family. Tanisha is fed up with William cheating and bringing unnecessary drama into their relationship. He says that him and Jerrica would succeed if she would just fall in line in his kingdom. 9 of 17 people found this review helpful. With Voltaire Perkins, Bill Welsh, Ian Abercrombie, Ernestine Barrier. She suspects Alton has brought women into the bed they share. Tanika says that Titus has forgotten the vows he took before God. This couple have been together for 10 years, but married for 9 months and neither one thinks they will make it to their 1st Anniversary. He fears Nancy is causing irreparable damage to their finances and marriage. Classic Divorce Court- Jackson Vs. Smith: First Love Rarely Lasts If they can’t seem to make it work, they may end up parting ways. Sona is a firm believer in astrology, but this Leo can no longer tolerate the cheating ways of Milton Aries sun. Nikkinba went MIA and wouldn't return her calls and told her that he's leaving her for a new life in North Carolina. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. Cody feels like he's living a nightmare. Watch your favorite full episodes of Divorce Court online on these streaming platforms. A panel of three judges hear court cases, argue the merits of the case amongst themselves, and render a verdict. Crystal Tolliver claims Corey Hammond is a compulsive liar and says she's tired of being his emotional punching bag because he doesn't deal with his own internal issues. She says on top of this he didn't support her during the loss of their stillborn baby boy. Andrew says his wife resents him for the color of his skin. Garfield says that Carolyn is unappreciative of all that he has done over the years and she is constantly costing him money he doesn't have. An American non-traditional court show that revolves around settling the disputes of couples going through divorces. Bradon and Tionna started out as undercover lovers but now that their romance has been brought to the forefront, it's uncertain if this relationship can withstand the scrutiny from both sides of their families and friends. Theo can't stand Jessica's excessive drinking anymore and claims she's made it a priority over the family. Ronaldo says it's Shante's insecurities that are ruining their relationship. Carlos says his wife is always complaining about something while he's at hope with the kids being #SuperDad. Mali still wants to party, and Zay is ready to settle down; he says if she can't get rid of her clingy ways, he's done. She says he is cheating with co-workers and often meets up with his exes. Tahani says Cymbre is controlling and accuses her of cheating. Veronica says Demetris Spends more time playing video games than he does with his family. Celina says Jamarcus is controlling and lacks the necessary communication skills to maintain sanity in the relationship. Porcha says Cupid must have missed when he shot his arrow because she has had it with her boyfriend's manipulative ways. He says when upset, she resorts to throwing food at him during an argument, including recently squirting an entire bottle of mustard on him. Karen Michelle is tired of Jason reaping all the benefits of their business. Sity says she should have known her marriage wasn't going to work when John showed up an hour and half late to their wedding. Rosalyn says Javon sexting other women has been the downfall in their relationship. She wants him to stop! Roderick claims he just needs a place to go to clear his head so he does whatever he can to get away from her. Tyrone wants to take a DNA test to find out if he's actually the father of his daughter.
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