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One of the major health benefits of blood donation is reduced risk of hemochromatosis. As a healthy adult, you should have around 5 g of iron in your bone marrow and red blood cells. Donating blood has benefits for your emotional and physical health. It removes excessive iron from the body. This means that there is no risk of contracting any blood-borne infections or diseases. This may be inherited or may be caused due to alcoholism, anemia or other disorders. Hence, you will regain the weight, as your body will make more blood to compensate for what you have donated. If you donate blood regularly, you can lose quite a bit of weight. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When the viscosity of blood is high, your blood becomes thick and sticky. Then it’s high time you knew the benefits of donating blood. And about 3 pints of red blood is used per transfusion on an average. The condition like this is often found around us, iteven often happens to our close friends or family. Donating blood is good for you, and it’s even better for all the people who desperately need the help. This also gets rid of iron from the blood that tends to cause oxidative stress, which can damage the cardiovascular system irreparably. Here are some of the benefits of blood donation that you will experience, should you become a donor. When people volunteer for blood donation, the doctor checks them thoroughly to ensure they are good candidates for blood donation. Reduces risk of Hemochromatosis. This will give the positive impact for body organs performance,include the skin. Benefits of Donating Blood. In a study published by Psychology of Health, said that those … Red blood cells are one component which is very much needed by the body and it will reform these red blood cells regularly. This thing will definitely keep the appearance to stay young and free from early aging problems. Donate Blood to Save Lives . We know that the donor should have the good history of health. This activity will make the body healthier, especially when the body can do the very well regeneration of red blood cells and appropriate with the needs. … It is important to have gratitude in our life, where we feel enough and capable for sharing with others. The high risk of heart attack that occurs recently is a worrying fact for many people. The iron requirement depends on gender and age. A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association states if the iron content in blood is high, it increases the risk of coronary heart disease (2). Basically, blood consists of ironin a certain amount. There is certain eligibility criteria you need to fulfill (6). As your bodies adjust the reduction of red cells when you become a donor and do it regularly. So, you get a free health and blood check-up when you decide to become a donor. You shouldn’t have had any alcohol 9 hours prior to the donation. It improves blood circulation in the body due to which your skin looks more healthy. Even though blood donation does not entail any risk, you should still be aware of the blood donation requirements. Studies have shown that benefits of Blood Donation can reduce the risk of heart attacks to 1/3 times, especially in men. This can reduce the chance of heart attack by 88%. A Nigerian study found that regular blood donation lowered total cholesterol levels and even LDL (the bad cholesterol), cutting the risk of cardiovascular disease (3). For example, you will come to know of any blood pressure abnormalities. Donor is immediately informed if any of these test found to be positive. Donation allows for the replenishment of the donor’s blood supply, which helps the donor’s body stay healthy, function more efficiently, and work productively. It means that,it is important for making sure our donor blood is truly proper and follow the health valid standard. When this health disorders are known earlier, the prevention and others treatment will be easier to be done. Feeling the joy of saving a human life When we list the benefits of donating blood healing process of wounds must be included. For this dozens years, heart disease become one of the biggest “killer” which is difficult to be overcome. Hence, there is always a need for blood. Before every blood donation process, a series of health check-ups are performed on the donor totally free of cost. Hence, if you donate blood, you burn approximately 600 to 650 calories, according to WebMD and University of California, San Diego. The stable bloodstream will directly help the body to stay in a stable and good condition. Background. Before we get to the benefits of donating blood or even the blood donation requirements, let’s get to know the rich history behind blood donation, where it first started, who came up with the idea and such. Blood, especially red blood cells are the cells that contain hemoglobin which is formed of iron, which serves to bind oxygen. This lost amount can easily be regained by eating a healthy, iron-rich diet. We often do the health check if we get serious illnesses. Not only that, this also can give the positive impact for our mind performance and the brain can work more maximal. There may be different reasons behind the blood requirement of an ill person. A similar process to whole blood donation is apheresis. Let’s start! These are benefits that you can reap by becoming a regular blood donor. Let us know by commenting in the space below! Blood donation can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. How in the heck did you come to that conclusion? But if you have a blood deficiency, you are prohibited from doing blood donor because it can reduce the amount of iron in the body. Me Keep reading! A donation of platelets can help people who have issues related to … Even your blood pressure, iron levels, temperature, and pulse are checked. You should not have had any dental work done in the last 72 hours. This can be done by routinely donating the blood. In 2014, the World Health Organization commemorated World Blood Donor Day (14th June) with the theme “Safe Blood for Saving Mothers”. The study found that when research participants aged between 43 and 61 years donated blood every 6 months, they suffered from fewer strokes and heart attacks. Your diastolic blood pressure should be between 50 and 100 mm Hg and systolic between 100 and 180 mm Hg. Are you thinking of donating blood? You should not have been immunized in the last one month. However, it is prudent to remember there is a waiting period of 56 days between blood donations. This includes Hematocrit i.e. This finding was made after studying two groups of people – one that donated blood twice a year and the other didn’t. The health benefits of donating blood is quite varied include reducing this scary heart disease. Besides if we have had the serious phase, we will have the more serious and complex treatment. Donate blood, stay healthy and save lives! You shouldn’t have received malaria treatment in the last 3 months. Seeing the fact above, it is clearly visible how the emergency condition could happen to someone who needs the blood if at any time the supplies are not sufficient. When did the last time we do the health test? Iron is a mineral that is essential for our body. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. People with certain illnesses like sickle cell disease or cancer need multiple transfusions through the year. Blood donation benefits everyone. Donating blood routinely will help to build the calm and stable psychological condition all the time. Is something stopping you? This means that a person who donates blood regularly loses weight as a result. Doing good to others will benefit yourself. You shouldn’t have taken aspirin in the last 72 hours. When that happens, it will make you feel happy and satisfied, as a single unit of blood can save three lives. Automatically, the spinal will work and produce the new red blood cells and fulfill the needs of red blood cells in the body. Apart from all these benefits a donor gets a mini blood test done before donating blood. After all, you need to wait for at least 56 days before donating another pint of blood. The health benefits of donating blood are considerable—but of course, the most important part of the process is helping to save lives. You shouldn’t have donated blood in the last 3 months. Whether by improving your health, doing a social good or saving someone’s life, donating blood is a priceless gift for blood donation beneficiaries and donors alike. Replenishing blood can be good for the body. This excess of iron may be inherited or be caused due to alcoholism, anemia and other … Helps in excluding if you have any blood borne diseases: The person receiving the blood can develop any blood-borne diseases if the donor is not screened before blood donation. The blood donor’s body gets revitalized and … It is really unfortunate, isn’t it? You should not have a clotting disorder, like hemophilia. Generally the new red blood cells will have changed in few weeks after doing the activity of donating blood. Blood donation reduces the blood’s viscosity, and this can prevent heart attacks. Benefits of blood donation are seen in reducing stroke and heart attack as blood donation helps in proper blood flow. You should be between the ages of 18 and 60 years. Maybe he has met with an accident, has undergone an operation or is suffering from an illness like anemia. Blood donation comes with many health benefits. Make an appointment. Author Klinikals Posted on June 15, 2019 June 15, 2019. While the health benefits of donating blood are nice, don't forget who you're really helping: A single donation can save the lives of up to three people, according to the Red Cross. Those are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis and malaria. Learn how your comment data is processed. This thing can harmthe health as a whole because these are included to malignancy and highly risky diseases. A study published in the American Psychological Association’s online journal states that when people volunteer to do something for others without expecting anything in return, they tend to have reduced mortality risk compared to those who don’t have the same noble intentions. Blood donors get to relax for an hour or so and lay back in a chair. Do tell us how this post has helped you. Health check routinely, often become a forgotten problem by many people. The process employs the use of sterile equipment for every donor. 1. This altruism will make you feel good. I'm Rabeca - I'm a Skinholic. This will be of great benefit to you. 1. However, blood donation should not be seen as a quick way to lose weight. This will give the positive impact for body organs performance,include the skin. Avoid various risks above due to the high levels of iron in our body. GET A FREE BLOOD TEST: It is not easy to get psychological condition like this, especially when the daily activity is really full of routines and works. Not only give the motivation like this, it also can give us the health benefits of donating blood itself. The benefits of giving blood 1. Would you like to know more? Not only avoid the risk of malignancy diseases such as heart disease, cancer and the like, the derivation of iron will also make the body be healthier all the time. Increased level of iron in the blood raises the chance of heart disease. This proses will go in accordance with owned capability include by adjusting the health record concerned. It is important for always keeping the bloodstream in the body include keeping the viscosity level itself. The various kind of serious illnesses will come to threaten, even worst such as stroke and cancer. We can get this thing when we do the donating blood and help others by doing that way. This happiness and satisfaction are the main reasons blood donors tend to live longer. Donors’ psychological condition will be calm and spared out from stress because his mind be more stable and balanced. Donating blood is one of the positive actions that can be done for caring the heart. This is what supposed to be understood since the beginning, so that people’s interest for donating the blood is getting higher. If you are looking to lose weight, follow a healthy diet and proper exercise. When you donate one unit of blood, the iron levels in your body decrease by a quarter of a gram. Then there are people, who need blood urgently because they have sustained injuries, had surgical procedures or have a blood-related condition. Benefits. The benefit of blood donors for health is to maintain a balance of iron levels in the body. Donating blood is the fastest way to lose a pound of weight. However, regular reduction of iron levels is considered good, as it prevents blood vessels from damage and prevents other abnormalities. The blood viscosity in the body can be influenced by iron ingredient which is in the blood. Such issues include high blood pressure and low blood count. If the red blood cells generation runs well, the skin condition will be healthier and better than before. This is very important for keeping our body to stay healthy all the time, so we can do donating blood routinely. It is a must for the donor to check their health for making sure he is qualified as a donor. The greater your blood viscosity the greater you’re affected by cardiovascular disease. This will be better because various fatal risks of health can be avoided since the beginning. This blog is a place where I want to share all the things I love to you! If you have not done donating blood, there is no harm for scheduling this activity in our calendar because there are so many benefits that can we get from donating the blood itself. That is why this heart disease be one of most alerted by most people,especially for risky experienced people. Donating blood is a great way to help the needy, did you know that there is a need for 36,000 blood donations every day to keep up with the current demand. If we want to be a good donor, we have to make sure that we have a good and proper health quality. These are benefits that you can reap by becoming a regular blood donor. When the body has the healthy red blood cells and regenerate regularly, the blood condition will be better and the bloodstream also can bemore stable. Benefits of Blood Donation: Stimulates Blood Cell Production; Blood Donation helps to reduce risk of heart attack and cancer; Donation of blood, burns calories & helps in weight loss This is based on data from the Red Cross. Not only is blood donation beneficial for the person who receives blood, it also offers many health benefits to the person donating blood. This check-up can help you diagnose certain diseases early. . A healthy adult can easily donate up to a pint of blood with no negative side effects. You also can reduce your risk of developing cancer. Basically, there are so many things that can make us happy. Yes, you read that right. It takes about 600 to 650 calories to make one pint of blood (5). As a routine, donors are tested for hepatitis, syphilis, HIV and other diseases. Also, just because it’s beneficial, it doesn’t mean anybody can donate blood. Blood Donation can Reveal Potential Health problems. It is even compounded with the risk of other diseases which can come simultaneously due to the unhealthy heart. Being an active donor will decrease the risk attack and also heart disease which has a fearsome for most people until now. This can be a motivation in caring our body’s health everyday, include for doing the healthy and worthy lifestyle. In this case, the donors can participate in saving more lives. Not only intend to donate but also give the best quality in the drops of blood for others because this will help us to control our health to be better from time to time. But if the iron is too high, itcan be risk to cause various diseases in our body. Blood donation reduces heart diseases. Additionally, regular blood donation can lower the risk of … After donating blood, your body will naturally replace the lost fluids within 48 hours.
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