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*I called you a Fairytale fanboy. @eazy2002 I'm on phone rn and I don't know how to post feats.he was able to tank Irene spells,all hits and spells from the dragon slayers except seven dragon flame.scaled above natsu who tanked jackal explosions.and for offensive he scales above gildarts. *Saying he blitzed or was toying with someone isn't a speed quantification please be a little more elaborate. @kingxix: Yea I could maybe agree Zoro and Sanji loses this but Natsu, Laxus and Gajeel will get destroy by Zoro or Sanji not to mention Gajeel will be a fodder in that fight, @exauce: lol you are still drunk natsu and laxus destroys zoro and sanji without much trouble but you as a op wanker is always going to defend it no matter what so let's agree to disagree. Before becoming a Shield of Spriggan, however, he was a member of the Rebel Alliance, and was one of the most powerful Paladinsof his time, making him the strongest Mage on the entire Continent of Liones. 5. and it is stated that … u go even as far as posting opening gif but I'm the wanker the Irony. In his s… Dragon Acno stomps them, and human Acno has all the spells of his dragon form but he's weaker (still enough to stomp Sanji, let alone a Zoro with 2 swords). *Nothing here quantifies how durable the skins of the dragons are. I know. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Acno was no selling hits from Irenes enchantments, Jellal, and dragon slayers who had enchantment power ups, so base Sanji isn't doing anything. God Serena is a major antagonist from the manga/anime series Fairy Tail. @bubblebass: dude don't try to argue with them, they are just going to downplay any feats and say that they are from anime and is non canon. Before becoming a Shield of Spriggan, he was a member of the Ten Wizard Saints, and was ranked first in terms of strength among the Four Gods of Ishgar, making him the strongest Mage on the entire continent. Since Luffy is a human and in character, Acnologia in character will quickly kill Luffy before he could even use his Gears. It's funny because even after he was paralyzed and got hit with the 7 DS attack it didn't even scratch him. Acno stomps. Manga Spoiler. Her... #acnologia #action #anime #completed #fairytail #fantasy #lucy #nalu #romance #sabertooth. @cocacolaman: Actually, a revived God Serena, much weaker than his living version, was no-selling dozens of physical blows from Gildarts. Zoro tries to use his sword but they break upon contact of Acno's body. So I'll say acno is as fast as the Average cp9 since the weakest member was able to react to a point blank lighting bolt and the strongest member was able to blitz luffy who was a lighting timer at the time. Not wanna get involved into this but the reason why Acnologia stomped the 7 DS is because not a single magic nor dragon magic works on him. God serena is comparable if not superior to Mard geer and Celestial Spirit King yet he also got one shot by Human Form Acnologia. Anyone who said he one shots Saitama lost all their credibility. Its mouth is full of sharp teeth, and below it is an elongated protrusio… 3. God Serena defeats the Four Emperors of Ishgar and brings the eastern battle to its apparent conclusion. dragon slayer. He is a Second Generation Dragon Slayer that serves as one of the top members of the Spriggan 12. He also logically scales faster than Base Natsu, who blitzed people multiple times faster than lightning back several power increases before we even saw Serena. I literally gave you an example of Natsu and others not being able to do it. He is an incredibly powerful Dragon Slayer who can take on the form of a Dragon and is the self-proclaimed Dragon King. @cocacolaman: He no-sold a headbutt without getting budged: Although I do retract my statement earlier on. *Still not a form of quantification. Wiki Points. There's debate he may be up there with the best of the best in terms of physicals, those being the Dragon Gods, but since it is human Acno, I'll refrain from that. *How powerful were these attacks because from the scans I saw they a multi city block level. Acnologia's Feats from Fairy tail ch 400. @exauce: because I cannot upload manga scans from my cellphone otherwise I would have already done it. I'm giving it to Luffy. Watch Queue Queue. This wouldn't be a discussion with anyone else except you. *Acnologia Defeat's God Serena With One Blow* added by KEISUKE_URAHARA. Acnologia Lucy Fanfiction. He is also above August who tanked gildart's punch casually. luffy could blitz and one shot with a ryu attack, as acno has no internal damage resistance in human or dragon form. He also has a large scar that appears across the middle of his face. 3. This video is unavailable. Fairy Tail 470 - Acnologia vs God Serena by IchigoVizard96 on DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Acno casually kills Sanji and has to use a bit more effort to kill Zoro. Unless some people here think Sanji would have no sold Kaido's Boro Breath? As for strength, he ripped through dragons like they're butter. this. Most of his long, blue hair is bunched up into a ponytail by a golden brace. And in the last fight of the regular series non of the enchanted slayers could do anything to him and he only lost due too obvious PIS. Even tho I don't agree with it, I don't see how different the FT fans saying One piece caps at Island lvl at best. Meanwhile, Erza and her team – Gray, Juvia, Wendy, Carla, and Laxus – join Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale's battle to liberate Hargeon. God Serena was a part of the Alvarez Empire, wherein he was one of the Spriggan 12, as well as it's general, under the command of Emperor Spriggan. God Serena vs Wizard saints || Acnologia destroyed God Serena Все актуальные видео на армянскую тематику. while Acno can just rip them apart casually (skip to 1:37). he just olbiterated Dimaria who mind you was possessed by a literal god of time. Fairytail 8.6K 238 … anime. His chest and neck area is covered by a small red cloak with white colored edges, a large collar and three yellow colored crescent shapes lined up vertically on both sides over his chest. Okay, well, obviously this answer will contain spoilers. Fairy Tail Manga 470 - Dragon King Acnologia vs Zeref & Natsu The War Begins! @eazy2002 does base sanji and Zoro have any feats which puts them above acnologia's durability? 5. serena. Current Luffy beats Alvarez Human Acno and loses to RoT Human Acno. Love how you ignored the Natsu vs Merc example I gave. Reviews: 0. And like I said, they struggled with him while he wasn't 100% due to being killed by ACNO IN HUMAN FORM. OT: RoT Acnologia beats Luffy, since OP said: Still a mismatch, this is like saying GS Aldoron vs Luffy. anyone saying otherwise should probably re-read those final chapters. acnologia. It comprises of a simple pair of dark dress pants and a w… *How does this counter make any sense? He is dressed in fanciful white robe with blue long sleeves, a blue belt and blue pants. @kingxix: Lol talking about they are from the manga with nothing to back it up how stupid. Your obvious a FT fanboy and I've never seen you argue. Acno executes Lord Yasuie and kidnaps Nami and Robin, Shusui has been taken by Gyuukimaru/Shapeshifting Fox, so Zoro practically has two swords left, Sanji w/o raid suit. Not going to waste my time here any further since this is gonna go nowhere with you. Though Dragon Aldoron might be a little stronger than Dragon Acno. Never said there aren't any bad FT fans. The mighty forces of Alvarez Empire finally make their move on Ishgar and attack from all directions, with the east side being confronted by God Serena as Four Gods of Ishgar struggle against him. May 23, 2020 - Explore Duncan Arnett's board "Acnologia" on Pinterest. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Acnologia, known to be fearsomely reputed as the Dragon King, was a cataclysmically powerful Dragon Slayer that can take the form of a Dragon at any time due from his overuse of Dragon Slayer Magic and bathing in the blood of the Dragons he killed. shield of spriggan. mountain punches,natsu who one shotted the war God who did a multi mountain-small island attack and blitzed god Serena who was tanking hits from the gods of ishgar.he is also above August who tanked gildart's punch casually. All I see you do is give opinions on what people on the thread are doing. Language: Русский Words: 702 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 1 Hits: 37 Natsu needed amp to beat Merc, so what does this have to do with acno? Now again you leave me with the burden of asking what does it take to hurt Ezra(also please provide manga scans. He identifies her as his mother as she was the one who created Dragon Slayer Magic. Natsu and others could barely damage dragons with their own spells, while Acno can just rip them apart casually (skip to 1:37). The situation seems hopeless, until Lucy comes up wituh a last-ditch plan. And we know already how powerful dragons are in FT. Luffy oneshots at the Acnologia wank ...Acnologia is by far the most overrated ft character I've seen, Sorry as much as i hate fodder tail fandom this is a one fight luffy cant win. Jan 31, 2017 - Annalogia, Anna Heartfilia, Acnologia, Fairy tail. Er hat viele Menschen und alle Drachen getötet, ignorierte die Tatsache das viele seine Kameraden waren. It took an entire continent to paralyze him (Fiore is large country level and is one of the smallest countries in Ishgar, so it's obviously much bigger than a normal continent) + Natsu with 7 dragon slayers power (Natsu alone was island - large island level without the others' power + flames of emotions), yet Luffy can apparently one shot him lmao. Then again, this is coming from people who think Rayleigh can one shot yea I'm not too surprised lol. The only place I can really admit Acnologia is lacking in is durability, because almost all of his feats are against magical attacks, which he is specifically highly resistant to. Acno wins this he slew all the dragons in human forms and we have seen their powers and that Dragon from Punk Hazard is nothing comped to the FT dragons even fodder dragons like Motherglare can destroy multiple mountains with one attack. Nothing is stopping him from getting the GS treatment. He has alert eyes with red irises. With Zeref's army laying camp to the west of Magnolia, Invel announces to the Emperor that Ajeel and Brandish have fallen, causing Yajeel to mourn his grandson's death. u/Team_God_Serena. But the elderly minister is reassured by Zeref that neither Shields of Spriggan are dead, stating that Fairy Tail's merciful nature is their weakness. foto of *Acnologia Defeat's God Serena With One Blow* for fan of fairy tail. 0. Lmao early pre time skip luffy was able to kick away lighting bolts. God Serena makes use of his Gale Dragon's Song of the Wind and Moon I didn't actually remember this for some reason, lol. His attire is quite trim, befitting his strict personality. God serena is comparable if not superior to Mard geer and Celestial Spirit King yet he also got one shot by Human Form Acnologia. As the surrounding Mages watch on in awe, Acnologia proceeds to casually walk away from the scene, leaving the collapsed body of God Serena behind. dedicated to all fairy tail fan In the manga Natsu kicks Zeref’s butt into next week despite him gaining literal infinite magic power. Both are blood lusted. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Who has lightning speed? He leaves him and he’s teleported away along with all the other dragon slayers. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I don't get where the notion of the human forms of dragons are fodder, there's no basis to it. 3 years ago. Manga Spoiler. Nope, Acnologia targeted God Serena with the intent to kill him while he didn't care about Gildarts. Acnologia is more powerful or at least in the same ballpark. That's because Acnologia has a goal of killing Dragon Slayers, and Gildarts isn't one. *He is. This feat handles Acnologia's strength and speed, putting it a whole tier above what Zoro or Sanji could handle, and that's not even getting into his energy attacks or taking into account the fact that Acnologia got an amp in power so great that he considered it similar to when he first obtained magic. What makes his death sad is the fact that he may be the biggest victim of having too many bad guys in the Alvarez arc. Acnologia (アクノロギア Akunorogia), also known by the name The Black Dragon (黒龍, Kokuryū), and fearsomely reputed as The Black Dragon in the Book of Apocalypse, is a cataclysmically powerful human being that can take the form of a Dragon that assaulted the Fairy Tail Mages on Tenrou Island in the Year X784. And if that's not clear enough for you then go rewatch the second half of the Grand Magic Games Arc. Low-mid? Still has better physicals and speed. H. Acnologia should beat the strawhat duo with mid-diff. 2. Prior to this, he was a member of the Ten Wizard Saints where he was not only hailed as the strongest of the saints, but the strongest mage in Ishgar. This a complete and utter mismatch. This site is filled with everything. Close. Even if I want to agree how powerful are jackals explosions and gildarts only has mountain level physicals. God Serena vs Wizard saints || Acnologia destroyed God Serena Все актуальные видео на армянскую тематику. He then cruelly mutilates her corpse while cackling, shocking the two. Team Tenrou vs. Acnologia is a fight fought between the Team Tenrou and the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse: Acnologia. Acnologia announces that he is tired of the whole world and vows to destroy it. Vor vierhundert Jahren war Acnologia eine unbarmherzige, blutdürstige und gewaltsame Person. Full power Acno is way too haxxed for Luffy to handle, he can beat a weaker version however. Luffy must be really fast and has hax for this not to be a stomp? One of his notable features the large object on his back, which appears to be a pinwheel-like object with a divine appearance, reflecting his god complex personality. August, while out of prime, is still strong as all hell and can dodge Gildarts’ attacks, but we have to remember that Irene is also a dragon. mountain punches,natsu who one shotted the war God who did a multi mountain-small island attack and blitzed god Serena who was tanking hits from the gods of ishgar. Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 470 フェアリーテイル = Acnologia Vs God Serena Shows The Most Brutal Fight in Ft History!!! - One member of the Spriggan 12, the Dragon Slayer God Serena, a former member of the Wizard Saints and current (now former) member of the Spriggan 12, faced Acnologia for one time. You literally did this in your Mihawk and Doffy vs Madara meteors thread months ago. deactivated-5f5852a1ad297. Acnologia found her. your own Pins on Pinterest Any insane durability feats? IMO Human Acno = Full powered Seed Aldoron. You can't debunk anything but your somehow trying to prove a point lol. Not very happy with the effects but I'm still happy with this coloring overal... FT 528: Acnologia… God Serena fights Warrod and the kings of Ishgar. They are all from the manga and I don't give a shit if you believe it or not. *Like who TF cares about what the majority thinks. I didn't down play anything. Acnologia, also known and fearfully reputed as the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse is the overarching antagonist of the anime/manga series Fairy Tail. Okay, well, obviously this answer will contain spoilers. 2. *He is faster than Laxus? Discover (and save!) Видео о армянской культуре, Армении, армянах и все что связанно с ними. However, Natsu gaineds temporary access to Igneel's power, which he used in his fight against Zeref. Followers. (I need scans of natsu failing to penetrate dragon skin. @eazy2002 I'm on phone rn and I don't know how to post feats.he was able to tank Irene spells,all hits and spells from the dragon slayers except seven dragon flame. Acno does stuff like this with his bare hands. My bad I tag the wrong person, But the guy said "OP" meaning in general. scaled above natsu who tanked jackal explosions.and for offensive he scales above gildarts, *Scaling doesn't make you superior in every stats to people below you. 0. FT 528: Acnologia. Unless anyone can show me how Acno can compete with Luffy's peak output(Large Island level, Small Island level with casual g4 attacks) and Max speed(relativistic with snakeman high quad mach with bound man). ... Outside the rift, Acnologia's physical form continues to wreak havoc. You haven't given me anything quantifiable other than faster than lighting acno. Here, he can use more force and faster speeds if he so felt the need. Serena spoke so high of him, and was happy that he didn't have to search him and before he could react was he initally killed by Acnologia :sweat_smile: . @eazy2002: Acnologia was so strong he casually blitzed and ripped apart God Serena with one hit while smirking. Acno like doesn't have to do anything. Warrod and others try to fight back, but they can see their deaths coming soon. [MS] Acnologia vs The 7 tails. @woodward: Ah. He was also able to stomp Acno to the ground for a considerable amount of time. ten wizard saints. Well, now Zeref and Acnologia are massive powerhouses, Zeref is the most powerful Dark Wizard of all time, Acnologia is the "King of Dragons", according to the Fairy Tail wiki, also Acnologia is a force of unstoppable power, but Zeref is immortal and can posses people and become a Spirit. You calling me a fanboy is ironic considering you side with One Piece in literally almost every discussion to the point that you start debating in your own threads. Facing imminent defeat, Warrod begs for someone to stop this powerful foe from reaching Fairy Tail; in that very moment is when they are approached by immense magic power, stemming from the Black Dragon himself, Acnologia. The Heart probably won't be able to help Hades if his insides are ripped out.
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