Bigwig Games, based in Austin, Texas, is the brainstorm of Gary Hoover, serial entrepreneur. Gary founded the first chain of giant bookstores, BOOKSTOP (bought by Barnes & Noble) and business information company Hoover’s (bought by Dun & Bradstreet). He has been a lifelong student of industries, and started making board games to play with his friends by the age of 12. By 14 these were realistic industry games: movies, TV networks, department stores, Indycar racing. And eventually games that mimicked the entire economy, or the Presidential Election Process.

These games were board games, but they required a LOT of bookkeeping and calculations, diluting the fun. When computers came along, the idea of digital versions of his games went on his business idea list. Over the next 50 years, that list expanded to over 300 ideas. But the idea of porting the games to computers was always near the top.

In 2012, Gary and longtime startup associate Alan Chai formed the board of directors of a new company, which soon became Bigwig Games. We soon brought a wide array of experienced and talented board members,
advisors, and investors to bear, along with exceptional developers, designers, and consultants to execute on the project.. This dream could not have come true without them.

Our goal is to model every industry we can think of – our starter list is over 90 industries, including election simulations – and turn them into the most exciting business/economic strategy games on the market! We expect to do this over a period of many years, gradually evolving into a fully integrated global economy, all using real industry and economy data.

Restaurant Bigwig is just a start!